Malama Savelio-Anderson, Director of 'AuMalama Polynesian Dance Arts 

My name is Malama Savelio-Anderson and I am the founder of 'AuMalama Polynesia Dance Arts. Polynesian dancing has been a passion of mine since I was a Keiki (young child). I immediately gained interest watching my brothers dancing with hula dancers and mastering the fire knife with a group known as Hui O Kamalei’. I was mesmerized by the gracefulness and how they translate the story with their hands and hip movements through the art of dancing. It was that day, my passion for my Polynesian Culture evolved. Our family relocated to Las Vegas and joined Hula Halau O Kaho’onei under the direction of Kumus Wayne Panoke and Ladd Kahele Heleloa. Since then I’ve danced with many other small Halaus.  The most memorable part of my dancing career is with Hot Lava Productions who is still the longest running show with live musicians in Las Vegas, NV under the direction of Runi Tafeaga. I was fortunate to travel the world with Hot Lava Production. I was Hot Lava’s lead dancer and choreographer for many years before relocating to Denver, Colorado. While venturing on another career path, I continued my art of dance in Denver, Co and currently lead dancer and choreographer for the longest running Polynesian Group called Fia Fia under the direction of Siaosi and Marsha Talitimu. I have always dreamt of sharing my knowledge and love of Polynesian Dance and Culture, so I’ve decided to open classes and share my art and experience with you all.


Aloha my name is Kanani Lukela Ropati was born in Orange County California. I am of Hawaiian Mexican decent. I was raised in Costa Mesa California and I'm a wife and a mama of 3 beautiful boys. I moved to Denver in 2005 and have come to love it here in the mile high state. My journey started as a young girl watching my uncles, aunties and cousins dance together. I've been a professional polynesian dancer since the age of 3. When I got older I became a lead dancer for my families group Lokelani's Rhythm of the Islands out of Costa Mesa California under the direction of Roy and Kathy Asuega, and with them I traveled all around the world from Hawaii, Tahiti, and Japan. I've competed in a multitude of Tahitian competitions such as Tahiti Fete San Jose, Tahiti Fete of Merced, Tahiti Fete Hilo, Tahiti Fete of Kauai just to name a few.
 My goal is teach people of all ages my love and knowledge of the polynesian dances and the culture behind it. I'm excited to share my knowledge and teaching with you all.





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Pualani Jeffries, Lead Teacher

Malama Savelio-Anderson, Director 

Kanani Lukela Ropati, Lead Teacher 

Pualani was born on the island of Oahu in Hawai’i. Pualani is currently completing her Doctorate courses in Clinical Psychology. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Psychology. Her Master of Arts degree emphasis is in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. She currently provides psychotherapy services to various rural communities. She also administers and writes psychological diagnostic assessments for a private practice in Denver. She has worked in the field of mental health services for approximately seven years.
Pualani was a part of her high school dance team, in which she performed hip hop, poms, and jazz routines. She joined the introductory class for beginner Salsa when she attended college. She fell so deeply in love with the dance and the culture that she continued the classes throughout her college career. Pualani taught beginner and intermediate Salsa classes, she was enrolled in the Advanced Salsa class, and she joined the Salsa Performance team. Pualani has trained under various prominent Latin dance instructors from across the United States. She is versed in salsa, merengue, cha-cha, bachata, and cumbia. She also volunteered at various community centers, retirement homes, schools, and local parks in teaching Latin dance. Pualani started dancing for Polynesian FiaFia in 2015. Pualani has danced with Polynesian FiaFia for two years. She has performed in various locations in the state of Colorado. She is trained in dances from the islands of Hawai’i, Tahiti, Samoa, and New Zealand.

Pualani has over 13 years of experience in various forms of dance. Dance is so important to her that she occasionally be found dancing in the middle of the room for no discernable reason. Pualani is excited to share her love of the Polynesian culture with others, as well as support her students in their growth as dancers and in improving their self-confidence. 

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